Vision Board Blahs? Check This Out!

better than a vision board


Have you ever done a vision board, only to discover that it just doesn’t work for you?

You may even have friends who have successfully created and accomplished every single item on their vision board, but alas… not you.

Ever wonder why?

While most of us tend to be very visual, there are a variety of styles in which we manifest.

In fact, you’re operating from 2 to 3 strengths based on your personal chakra gifts. Each of us is energetically predisposed for success—if we honor our gift order.

Unfortunately, the world would like us to think that we’re supposed to be Stepford wives, and that each chakra in your body is supposed to have equal strengths.

Taking the time to understand this about yourself—that you have certain chakra gifts—will help you learn how to bring more of what you desire into your life and help keep you in optimum health.

(Want to learn about your gift order? Take the test here.)

Personally, I manifest accessing the strengths of my Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras. My Root Chakra aligns me with strengths that allow me to bring thought to form. My Heart Chakra strength provides me with the gift of compassion. And my Crown Chakra supports my highest prayers and wishes.

Because of my specific chakra strengths, I’ve created my own tool that, like a vision board, works wonders.

It’s called a GodBox. It helps me connect with my dreams, imagine them as real, and release them in confidence. There are already several wishes I placed in my GodBox that miraculously came to fruition—without any effort on my end.

Are you ready to create yours?

Your dreams can be made manifest in 5 easy steps:

1. Sit in a quiet place and think of your deepest desires.
2. Write them on individual pieces of paper or index cards.
3. Place them in a special box just for this purpose: your GodBox.
4. Take your calendar out, and mark a date of at least around 6 months from the creation of your GodBox.
5. When you meditate or pray, hold the box (you don’t have to think about or pray about what is written).

Good luck! And check back in here to let us all know how you do!



Gina Spriggs is a Futurist, Holistic Intuitive and Intuitive Development Mentor who is passionate about helping people align with their intuition, power and purpose to help themselves and others. “As an intuitive, I love teaching people to access their own innate wisdom – NOT to create a co-dependent relationship!” Learn more about Gina at GinaSpriggs.Guru.


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