New Moon in Pisces (February 26th, 2017)

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The upcoming New Moon in Pisces is assembling a powerful space for personal evolution, opening us up to serious growth, understanding, and a tuning-into potent dream work.

We have the help of a few great aspects, one being Pisces’ Planetary ruler Neptune, the dreamer. Plus part of the world will witness a solar eclipse! As a Pisces sun I may be a bit biased, but I’m pretty excited!

Pisces lends us the tools necessary to tap into the deep crevasses of our souls.

The fish are the last sign of the zodiac wheel and therefore contain the wisdom of all the other signs at a subconscious level. This colors the Pisces energy with heightened empathy, sensitivity, compassion, psychic abilities, understanding, and imagination. Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. At its highest, the Pisces energy wants to use these traits to lead a life focused on soul-level work.

Sometimes this can be too much, and with all the highly sensitive traits, Pisces often wants to check-out, veg-out, and escape human reality.

Make sure you are aware of this magic trick for this New Moon and actively avoid falling prey. Staying present with the Pisces New Moon will open up space to tap into the mission your soul chose this life to explore (and I bet it’s not watching Netflix for 8 hours straight on a Sunday night!).

Holding this presence can sometimes bring up bouts of sadness for the state of the world. The inability to wave a wand and make everything happy and safe can cause Pisces to feel a touch of despair. If you find yourself tripping into this rabbit hole, focus on anything you find beautiful and magical: a walk in nature, time in water, a crystal-cleaning session, or a bouquet of flowers can all do wonders for lifting the melancholy of Pisces energy. Water thrives when it has direction, so give this Pisces energy something to flow towards.

Now that you know what’s in Pisces’ toolbox, how can you use it for personal growth during this inward, introspective New Moon? It’s simple: turn Pisces’ empathy toward yourself.

This New Moon is the last of our current zodiac cycle, so take a brief look at the past year for new direction. Were there times you’d been hard on yourself, which you can now acknowledge without reaction, forgive, and move forth from with new-found gentleness? Were there situations that seemed hard, so you checked out (but deep down you know these areas could use more exploration during the next zodiac cycle)?

Typically, areas that scare us or bring up fear or pain are the rough gems we are given to examine and polish in order to bring massive transformation and shine into our souls. Pisces has the added bonus of thriving off the rush that comes with standing up to its fears (for itself and others around them).

People forget that mutable, easy-going Pisces is quite fierce. When it’s empowered with healthy boundaries, this energy will promote giving up everything to achieve what it believes is right. When Pisces has finally decided to take a stand, there’s no stopping, only forward-moving flow. Often this is directed toward giving up bits of oneself for others and the greater good.

For this New Moon, how can you focus Pisces’ Martyr quality toward yourself and stand up for your own goals and passions?

What have you been secretly wanting to pursue? What is it that lights your soul? Let this New Moon’s energy bring fierce manifesting of these desires into reality, even if it’s just a bit more of conscious and active awareness.

Keep in mind that Pisces doesn’t ask for explanations, facts, or a plan. It simply believes things into reality and lets its inner wisdom guide the way. Pisces says, “let go and let Spirit guide.” Allow details to flow through you during this New Moon and focus on the bigger vision for your future. Since it’s a New Moon, the moon phase that typically wraps up the 29 day lunar cycle, what needs to be recognized and wrapped up from this last cycle in order to move forward with a fresh start?

If you’re unsure and in need of direction, sit with personal questions during the New Moon and let psychic power help you download information from your soul.

Use Neptune as an ally for dream work. Seeking out your birth chart is also helpful here. What house do you have colored by Pisces energy? This area of life will be a potent place to explore spiritually.

Whatever you do this Sunday, keep in mind that it’s a sensitive time. I really can’t overemphasize the openness this New Moon is providing to tap into your personal soul mission. I’m basically begging you to take a good look at life, and use this New Moon to discard non-serving ideals and get excited about following your own true passion!


Ash Sierra



Ash Sierra is the founder of Ritual Botanica, an apothecary and clinical practice in the mountains of Asheville, NC. You’ll find a blend of Western Astrology and Alchemy with a touch of science, tradition and magic in her posts. Follow her along on Instagram@Ritual_Botanica or browse her site & online shop at


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