How Do Stones and Crystals Heal Us?

How Do Stones and Crystals Heal Us?


Stones and crystals carry the energy of our ancestors’ footsteps, the magic of cosmic formation, the deepest medicine from our Earth.

For many, the idea of using crystals and stones as a form of healing may seem perfectly normal, but for others it may seem a bit strange or esoteric. The truth is that stones and crystals have been used in healing treatments by cultures all over our planet for thousands of years. The reasons for this are simple, but multifaceted (pun intended!).

We have a lot in common with our stone and crystal friends. Stones and crystals are made from the stardust of creation—so are we. They are composed of the atomic and mineral building blocks that form our planet, solar system, universe—and us.

But what sets stones and crystals apart from us is their “cellular” structure, so to speak. They are highly organized and harmonious in their structures, right down to the atomic level. When you look at, say, a simple quartz crystal, you see immediately geometric patterns that form highly ordered matrices. When you pick up a stone and feel its weight, you can perceive the density of material that resides within.

These highly ordered structures, combined with their density and age, make stones living creatures with extremely high-level and vibrational qualities.

They are the ultimate vehicles for energy medicine: the past, present and future for all healing on this planet.

We use crystals in our technology to store information (computer chips) or to focus energy (lasers).

And we use references to crystals and stones in our everyday language, often without even thinking about the deep meaning behind the phrases:

• You are crystal clear when you are perfectly understood.
• We say we feel grounded when we are talking about a feeling of being comfortable and present.
Solid as a rock is common in our parlance.
• We refer to the color of crystals, saying things like “her cheeks are ruby red.”
• When we return home to a place to which we feel deeply connected, we might say I wanted to kneel and kiss the ground.

Stones are instinctively and profoundly sacred to us.

All of these common references to the “rocks” we share our planet with give us some insight into the healing capabilities of stones and crystals.

Crystals and stones can be used in healing to:

• Bring clarity to the causes and conditions of our illness and illuminate pathways to healing.
• Help us feel safe, grounded, loved, and held by the earth and unconditionally loving energies.
• Give us something to stand on…something that is ancient, stable and has lasted through time.
• Bring the healing power of color and their associations to our organ systems and energy centers as described by ancient Taoist, Vedic and other traditions.
• Connect us to our Personal Divine and to all manifestations of the divine and sacred in our lives.

Crystals and rocks focus and harmonize our energy so that we can achieve optimum physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

You can begin to benefit from the healing power of stones and crystals right now.

Try one (or both!) of these simple exercises.

1) Step outside. Lie down on the ground. Breathe.

Just the simple act of making contact with the earth is harmonizing and healing. Children do this instinctively all the time—rolling in the grass, playing in the dirt, lying down on a warm hillside and looking at the sky. When was the last time that you did this? We take something away from ourselves that is so essential when we give up this gentle union with our mother the earth.

As you lie on the ground, tune into the subtle energies beneath you. What parts of your body are affected? What is the quality of your mind? As you deepen your breath, soften your heart to receive more of this earth energy that is made from layer upon ancient layer of crystals and stones.

How is your heart affected by these crystalline beings? Begin to ask them questions: What do you have to offer me? How can I honor and become more connected to you? What is the magick we can do together?

2) Go on a walk somewhere in nature.

It could be your very own garden, a park, a great forest. As you walk, tune into the feel of the ground beneath your feet. How does each footfall bring you in contact with Mother Earth? How do you land upon her, how does she receive you?

Breathe deeply as you walk slowly, and allow your gaze to relax and widen. Keep a soft focus and pan your eyes along the ground around you. At some point in this journey a stone will “wink “ at you. It will stand out in some way; maybe with a bit of sun glinting off of it, maybe because of its color or size. Something about it will call out to you and capture your awareness.

Go to that stone. Pick it up and hold it in your left hand. Bring your attention to that hand and tune into the energy the stone is moving into you. If you are already very sensitive to subtle energies, this may be a familiar experience for you and you may be able to feel very specific things about the energy of your stone. If this is a new practice for you, simply pay attention.

Don’t worry about whether or not you are “feeling the right thing” or “getting it.” Trust me, you are. And with time your sensitivity and the amount of information you get from the stone will grow.

The energy of stones and crystals might manifest in your perception through sensation, impressions of color, images and feelings in the energy centers of your body (for example, a feeling in your heart, or in your pelvic region). Even in your first encounters, you may get a clear message such as words in your mind, telling you something you need to know.

Take your time experiencing the stones and crystals (and remember to breathe as you connect with the world around you and with your own heart). Share with us in the comments what you discover!




Teal Chimblo Fyrberg, Wild Teal, is a creatrix, yoga teacher, stone and crystal healer, farmer, artist and writer.  Join her for online classes and in-person workshops and retreats at and experience her alchemical plant and stone medicines at

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  1. Profile photo of Chris
    Chris 5 months ago

    I have had an interesting experience with a pair of earrings that had opals in them. I noticed through out the day I was feeling a little off and as soon as I got home and took the earrings off I started to feel better. I’m not sure if the opals somehow have collected some negative energy or if opals are just not for me.

    On a separate note, once the weather allows I walk barefoot as much as possible. While my feet are a little more sensitive than they were when I was younger, I still love the feel of the earth beneath my feet.

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